The purpose of all CDI/NICEC Cutting Edge events is to bridge the gap between career theory, practice, and policy.

In this forthcoming webinar on Monday 13th November 2023 - 1.30pm - 4.30pm NICEC Fellows Rosemary McLean, Julia Yates, Bob Gilworth, John Lees and Cathy Brown will discuss a range of issues that face workers making transitions across the different stages of our career journeys.


  • How do graduates actually make their career choices?- Julia Yates

Julia has conducted some research with recent graduates (all currently employed), trying to find out how they made their career choices. She asked them to talk about the steps they took as they went from having no career ideas at all, to actually having a job, and on the back of this data she has devised a model of real-world decision making. Julia will describe this new model and will talk about the implications for work with clients, sharing some case studies showing how the model has influenced practice in the Careers Service at City, University of London

  • Career Thinking” Stages”-Bob Gilworth 

Bob has been working for several years with large data sets based on the self -reported career thinking stages of Higher Education students. This session looks at some consistent patterns across multiple institutions, together with some specific institutional examples. The session will also consider the evolution of career development models used to categorise and interpret the data and what these can tell us about the relationship between the linear progression through stages of study and the more iterative nature of career development.

  • Helping clients talk about themselves without feeling fake- John Lees

John will explore one of the biggest blocks his clients experience making career transitions which is the simplest thing: talking about themselves. Just saying basic things about your own skills and experience can feel like a major barrier and one that often holds clients back in terms of progress. The block applies at various stages of the process: talking initially about what you’re doing, talking about what you’re looking for, talking about what you have to offer, and finally talking about strengths and qualities in a hiring process.

  • Helping Our Clients to Develop Their Organisational Mobility- Cathy Brown

As part of her PhD research, Cathy spent time understanding what it takes to move around successfully within organisations. During this session, Cathy will share some of the insights. After clarifying what we mean by organisational mobility and career capital, Cathy will share with us what career capital we need to move around within an organisation

For booking details for what promises to be a fascinating session, please head over to the CDI website.

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