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Welcome to NICEC’s new website! Whilst the content is substantially the same as before, we hope that it is easier to navigate around the site and visitors find the design attractive. A significant change is that there is now just one private area for Fellows and Members which provides access to back copies of the NICEC Journal and materials from NICEC Seminars and Network Meetings.

New issue of the NICEC Journal  -  October 2017

The latest edition of the NICEC journal  will be shortly  available, more information about  how to access the journal can be found here

This is a special issue commerating the work of Bill Law.  Earlier this year the Institute received the news that Bill Law, a founder and eminent fellow, had passed away at the age of 81. This issue is entirely dedicated to remembering and celebrating his leading role in NICEC, and his wide-reaching influence on career education and counselling. Within this issue there are articles from NICEC fellows (both current and emeritus) summarising and assessing Bill’s contribution, whilst giving a personal account of working with him.

It is also our pleasure to reprint articles written by Bill himself, so his voice comes through very clearly in this edition.

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Monday 22nd January 5.00 - 6.30pm, Hamilton House, London
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The latest edition (issue 38)  is now available. The articles in this issue resulted from an open call for papers as such there are a variety of topics covered inlcuding articles on;  
  • the Irish manpower and welfare policy; 
  • professional identity for career guidance practitioners; 
  • the implications of Brexit, graduate employability;
  • collective career learning of groups; 
  • experiential work-based learning as a social mobility mechanism for widening participation; 
  • the use of the 'Disney Startegy' with Japanese university students; and
  • mediation on motherhood and career.

ICCDPP Symposium -  South Korea
In June 2017 the 18th symposium of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy took place in South Korea. The event was attended by over 20 countries each of which produced a paper prior to the event documenting their approaches and strategies to career development issues in their country. 

The UK was represented by delegates from England, Scotland and Wales. Copies of their papers and those produced by the other countries can be found 

The Communique detailing the outcomes from the conference can be found here


Tony Watts Reader Professor Tony Watts is a pre-eminent figure in the field of career guidance. He retired in late 2014 after a 50 year career in the field. This single volume is dedicated to anthologising his work in a way that is accessible to students, policy makers, researchers and practitioners and contains Watts’ most enduring and key writings about career guidance.
You can obtain this unique publication via the Lulu website

New European Guidelines for Policies and Systems for Lifelong Guidance Published! NICEC International Fellow John McCarthy of the ICCDPP (http://iccdpp.org/) lets us know that new guidelines for policies and systems for lifelong guidance have been published by the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN).

The aim of these guidelines is to provide advice to policy makers in the education and employment sectors on how to develop policies for lifelong guidance and on how to organise career guidance services for the general population and for different groups in society.

The guidelines cover a range of issues that are common to all sectors and services: strategic leadership, access, funding, ICT, career management skills, careers information, quality assurance, evidence collection, and the training and qualifications of guidance practitioners.

They also provide separate policy advice for services for each of the following target groups: school pupils, VET participants, higher education students, adult learners, employed and unemployed persons, older adults, young people at risk, and disadvantaged groups in society.

The Guidelines for Policies and Systems Development for Lifelong Guidance: A Reference Framework for the EU and for the Commission 

may be viewed at the following links:




Sad News
Bill Law
It is with great sadness that the NICEC Fellowship announces the death of Bill Law on April 8th 2017. 

Bill was a founding Fellow of NICEC, esteemed colleague and dear friend.  In his 81 years Bill enhanced the work of generations of career practitioners with his thought-provoking writing and story-telling.   His tremendous contribution lives on in us all.  Here are a few of the comments Fellows made on hearing the news.

I will miss Bill greatly and NICEC meetings were so much more fun when he was there. I had the privilege to work on projects with Bill a couple of times and see at first hand the depth of his knowledge and his ability to think afresh each time. I will continue to hear his voice in my ear, and see his eyes, smile and hat in my mind's eye. The world is truly a better place for Bill having lived in it.

I shall miss a friend and mentor of the past 36 years.

I cannot quite imagine a world without Bill in it: questioning, innovating, challenging received wisdom, telling stories and all done with respectful curiosity. The careers world has lost a great thinker and writer - and I have lost a dear friend.

I am deeply, deeply saddened that we have lost Bill, but retaining his words, his wisdom, his influence, is a small step in addressing that sadness.

To read the Obituary published in the Guardian newspaper please click https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/apr/21/bill-law-obituary
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