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NICEC is a network of Fellows, in the UK and abroad, who are career education and counselling researchers and practitioners drawn from a wide range of settings. Fellows believe passionately in improving policy and practice through discovering and sharing evidence and developing career education and counselling theory.

We share our knowledge and learn from others through our Seminar series, the NICEC Journal and our publications. NICEC Members receive the Journal and attend Seminars at discounted rates. Why not join us and contribute to developing career guidance practice, theory and policy.

If you have any questions please contact Leigh Henderson on 07970 829225 or at, or as suggested elsewhere on the site.

Allister McGowan, NICEC Chair

    Latest news! 28th November 2014

  • Professor Tony Watts was unanimously voted as a NICEC Emeritus Fellow at his last Fellows’ meeting on 26th November.
  • The text of Professor Tony Watts valedictory lecture given at The University of Derby on 6th November 2014 can be found here. Recommended reading for all who are interested in a broad and authoritative view of the development of career guidance from one of the field’s leading figures!
  • Details of the new edition of the NICEC Journal are located here.  ‘A life in careers: Celebrating the work of Professor A.G. Watts’
    • This is a special issue to mark the work of Professor
      A.G. Watts (Tony) on the ‘eve’ of his retirement from the world of career education and counselling. The breadth and depth of Tony’s contribution is unmatched in the UK, Europe and internationally. To recognise this, it was important that this edition had both a national and global reach, so International Fellows of NICEC were invited to write for the journal.

      Co-editors: Hazel Reid and Gideon Arulmani

  • Details of the NICEC Seminar (Career Aspirations at Primary School) on 26th November are here
  • The University of Derby has published a report on the impact of career education and guidance programmes in schools and also Tristram Hooley has published a summary of the evidence base on Lifelong guidance for the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (EGPLN). More information and links can be found here.
  • Welcome to two new NICEC Fellows: John Gough and International Fellow Annemarie Oomen. Details will be posted on the ‘meet the Fellows’ page as soon as possible.
  • The dates for the NICEC 2015 programme can be found here.
  • NICEC Journal: The Future of Career Development. The editors have issued a call for papers for the April 2015 issue. The details are here.
  • We are pleased to announce that Heather Jackson has re-joined NICEC as a Fellow. Welcome back Heather!
  • Congratulations to Tristram Hooley:  he has been conferred with the title of Professor of Career Education by the University of Derby's Academic Board, to recognise the national and international reputation he has built up within the careers sector and his achievements in research, consultancy and professional practice. An inaugural lecture is planned during the next academic year. See:
  • NICEC Fellow Dr Hazel Reid is co-editor and contributing author of a new book, ‘Constructing Narratives of Continuity and Change’. More details can be found here.
  • In 2001, the National Institute for Careers Education and Counselling (NICEC) conducted a survey for the Department of Health that identified the need for improved career support for medical students and doctors in training.
  • NICEC has now launched a new survey to find out what impact the changes have had. Click here for more details.

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