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Welcome to NICEC’s new website! Whilst the content is substantially the same as before, we hope that it is easier to navigate around the site and visitors find the design attractive. A significant change is that there is now just one private area for Fellows and Members which provides access to back copies of the NICEC Journal and materials from NICEC Seminars and Network Meetings. 

NICEC Network Meeting Online: Wednesday 13th May, 15:00- 17:00 pm
Decent Work and Career Development

NICEC's next network meeting will be held online on 13 May. 'Decent work' sums up the aspirations of a lot of people in their working lives. Potentially it means work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the workplace and conditions that benefit people and their families, as well as prospects for personal development and a range of other freedoms. Many see it as key to achieving poverty reduction, social justice and fair globalisation.

Our meeting addresses some of the particular challenges that careers practitioners face in supporting clients in relation to aspirations for decent work in the current and uncertain labour market. 
Speakers to include:

Speakers confirmed so far:

Fiona Christie, Senior Research Associate, Decent Work and Productivity Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University:

  • 'What is Decent Work and why should it matter for Career Guidance?’

Christina Purcell, Lecturer, Decent Work and Productivity Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University:

  • "Young Delivery Workers in Greater Manchester – a research study”

Eileen Cunningham, Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Salford:

  • ‘Working for Nothing? Student and graduate experience of unpaid work’

Pete Robertson, Associate Professor, School of Applied Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University:

  • ‘Trade unions and career services: Potential partners for promoting social justice at work’

Please book your place here, so that we know to whom we need to send the link to participate.

Latest NICEC Journal April 2020

The latest NICEC journal will soon be available and we would like to thank our guest editors, Fiona Christie, Eileen Cunningham and Kath Houston for this timely and topical issue. The focus of which is on decent work and uncertainty.

The eight articles cover a range of topics including trade unions, unpaid graduate internships, action research and graduate employability.

Papers include:
  • Trade unions and career services: Potential partners for promoting social justice at work – Peter J.Robertson, Nick Cimini, Jouke Post, and James Corry
  • Change it up, change the system! Exploring career development learning and social justice through action research – Anne Delauzun
  • ‘He who is silent is taken to agree’: University careers services and the problem of unpaid graduate internships – Helen Buzdugan
  • Place-Identity in boundaryless careers: Narratives of medical students from lower socio-economic class backgrounds – Emily Róisín Reid
  • Maintaining the promise without killing the dream: Developing resilience for future ‘graduate’ careers – Tracy Scurry, Ciaran Burke, John Blenkinsopp, and Ann Smart
  • Responding to career uncertainty: Applying a dual-empathy’ approach to career development using corporate strategy theory – Naeema Pasha
  •  Revisiting the CareerEDGE model of graduate employability –Lorraine Dacre Pool
  •  Expectation and interaction: Student and employer approaches to university careers fairs – Jodie Boyd and Stephen Boyd
Information about the issue can be found here.

Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning (IJCLP)

The papers in this issue represent the efforts of authors from 7 countries.  The topics addressed are equally wide-ranging and comprise the following: 

  • Guest Editorial:  The Draft New Education Policy 2019:  Many Promises for Career Professionals (Glenn C. Kharkongor, India).
  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as Semitoic Resources in Career Guidance: Exploring a 10th Grade Boy's Sociopolitical Motivations in Delhi, India (Aditi Arur and Mansi Sharma, India). 
  • Sustainable Employability and Continuous Career Development: Experiencing the Value of Core Qualities (Gert van Brussel, The Netherlands).
  • A Preliminary Comparison of Career Education for Youth among Ten Asian countries: A Synthesis of Country Reports from the 2017 ARACD Conference (Hyuncheol Kim and Takao Mimura, Korea and Japan).
  • Career guidance for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in the Emerging Social Inclusion Context in France (Girish Muzumdar, France).
  • Protective and Risk Factors in Career Development (Iva Šverko and Toni Babarovic, Croatia)
  • How can People with Intellectual Disabilities use YouTube as an Alternative Search Engine on the Internet? (Kjartan Skogly Kversøy et al., Norway)
  • Students as Agents of Change in Career Education (Stephen Carrick-Davies, UK). 

This is an open access journal.  Do feel free to send this information on to others in your network.  .  Please click on the following url or copy and paste it to your browser to access the issue:  http://www.iaclp.org/indian_journal_of_career_and_livelihood_planning/current_journal_vol_8_2019

Next NICEC event - Seminar  TBC

Journal of the National Institute for Careers Education and Counselling October 2019, Issue 43

The latest issue of the journal will be available shortly.
The authors reflect on programme design, review the development and implementation of career learning frameworks and tools, and explore external and internal contextual factors that influence the career learning process.
Papers include:

  • Mid-life career reinvention: Dancing with fear and confidence by Laura Walker
  • Evaluating the helpfulness of a co-construction approach to career learning and development programme design by Lis McGuire
  • The training and development of careers leaders in England: Reflections on provision by John Gough
  • An evaluation of the INSPiRED teenager framework by Lewis Clark and
    Carolyn Parry
Information about the issue can be found here

Career Development Policy and Practice: The Tony Watts Reader

Tony Watts, Founding Fellow of NICEC, retired in 2015, after decades of work in career development. To mark this event, NICEC published Career Development Policy and Practice: The Tony Watts Reader, with the idea of bringing together Tony’s most important writings into a single volume. Much of his work is out of print and much of the rest is tucked away in journals that can be difficult for people to access outside of universities. The editors, NICEC Fellows Tristram Hooley and Lyn Barham, wanted to draw the most enduring stuff together and give it another lease of life. The book offers a compendium of Tony's most influential writings and is a must for researchers and practitioners within the career guidance sector.
The book can be ordered online at  http://www.lulu.com/shop/tony-watts/career-development-policy-practice-the-tony-watts-reader/paperback/product-22836918.html
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