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NICEC is a network of Fellows, in the UK and abroad, who are career education and counselling researchers and practitioners drawn from a wide range of settings. Fellows believe passionately in improving policy and practice through discovering and sharing evidence and developing career education and counselling theory.

We share our knowledge and learn from others through our Seminar series, the NICEC Journal and our publications. NICEC Members receive the Journal and attend Seminars at discounted rates. Why not join us and contribute to developing career guidance practice, theory and policy.

If you have any questions please contact Leigh Henderson on 07970 829225 or at, or as suggested elsewhere on the site.

Allister McGowan, NICEC Chair

    Latest news!        22nd June 2014

    In 2001, the National Institute for Careers Education and Counselling (NICEC) conducted a survey for the Department of Health that identified the need for improved career support for medical students and doctors in training.

    NICEC has now launched a new survey to find out what impact the changes have had. Click here for more details.

  • Details of the joint NICEC/CRAC event celebrating CRAC’s 50th anniversary and the work of Professor Tony Watts to be held on 14th and 15th July can be found here
  • The latest version of the 2014 public programme is here
  • The latest edition of the NICEC Journal on International Perspectives has now been published. More details on the Journal page
  • Materials from the March Seminar are available in the Members’ area.
  • Careers England has published its latest Policy Commentary written by NICEC Founding Fellow Professor Tony Watts;
    •  ‘Recent Developments on the Roles of Employers and of Careers Professionals: a Pivotal Phase in Determining Future Careers Provision for Young People’.

      The final paragraph of the Briefing summarises the current challenges;

    This is a pivotal phase in the debate about the future of the careers profession and of careers education programmes in schools. The terms of the debate are now clearly drawn. On one side, Ministers seem to be arguing that adequate career support can be provided exclusively by employers and people at work. On the other side, the Careers Sector Stakeholders’ Alliance is affirming the complementary roles of careers professionals and employers; this is also closely in line with the position adopted by the cross-party Education Select Committee and by the Labour Party Taskforce.

    Where other key stakeholders -including the Liberal Democrats, the National Careers Council and employer organisations - line up in this debate is likely to determine the future of careers work in schools.’ The Policy Commentary can be found here.

  • We are pleased to announce that Mary McMahon and Jim Bright have accepted our invitations to be a NICEC International Fellows. We will post more information as soon as possible.
  • Ronald Sultana has provided details of two recent articles that he has written;
    • Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will? Troubling the relationship between career guidance and social justice’. Find the article here.
    • ‘Career management skills: Assessing for learning’ which is here.
  • The NICEC Seminar on ‘How adults make career decisions: findings from a qualitative study by IES  for BIS’ occurred on 20th January with a record audience. The slides and handout from the Seminar can be found in the Members’ area.
  • The work of International Fellow Gideon Arulmani and his colleagues at the Promise Foundation in India is highlighted in a Guardian article, Mentoring: the key to unlocking India's demographic dividend?’ : .
  • Two Policy Commentaries  written by Professor Tony Watts are available. Number 24, ‘ Government Inspiration Vision Statement and Other Recent Developmentscan be found here and number 25, ‘ Responses by the Secretary of State for Education to the Education Select Committee ‘ can be accessed here.
  • NICEC International Fellow, Peter McIlveen reports that the Australian Career Information and Exploration Service, Myfuture, is being revamped and is soon to be relaunched. Peter has been part of the team that has redesigned the site’s interest questionnaire. More details on Facebook YouTube and Twitter via the website.
  • The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has published a report on qualitative research into adult career decision-making. The study was undertaken by an Institute for Employment Studies (IES) team led by Rosie Gloster (Senior Research Fellow). A NICEC Fellow, Wendy Hirsh, was involved in all stages of the project, especially the development of the theoretical underpinning of the research and the typology of decision-making which emerged from the rich interview data. NICEC Fellow Leigh Henderson conducted the research on prisoners that forms an unusual and fascinating part of the study.
  • Copies of the report can be downloaded here or direct from the BIS website at:

  • NICEC Fellow Dr Hazel Reid and her colleagues at the Network for Innovation in Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE) are organising an international conference at Christchurch Canterbury University in September 2014. The flyer is here.
  • A back copy of the NICEC Journal is now available on the NICEC Journal page.Issue 28 of the NICEC Journal is now available. More details on the Journal page or download the flyer here.