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Welcome to NICEC’s new website! Whilst the content is substantially the same as before, we hope that it is easier to navigate around the site and visitors find the design attractive. A significant change is that there is now just one private area for Fellows and Members which provides access to back copies of the NICEC Journal and materials from NICEC Seminars and Network Meetings.

Next NICEC event

Thursday 10th May                                                      Network Meeting 2.00 –5.00pm
Venue: Allen & Overy LLP, One Bishops Square, London, E1 6AD
Can the 21st Century workplace be a sustainable and positive experience for all ? How can we create ‘Good Work’?
Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy, CIPD and Zoey Hudson, Head of People Development, Govia Thameslink Railway
The ‘Taylor Review’ (July 2017) was an independent review commissioned by the Government to consider the implications of new forms of work on worker rights and responsibilities, as well as on employer freedoms and obligations. At its heart is a concern about the shift in alternative employment practices that leave many employees vulnerable, though some highlight the benefits of the ‘gig economy’ with the flexibility and freedom it provides.

Increasing concerns about mental health at work, the need to work for longer, lack of job security and unfairness, are also painting somewhat of a negative picture for modern workers. At the same time employers are being made more accountable via public targets and requests for greater transparency about their practices, often influenced by employee feedback routes such as ‘Glassdoor’. Against this backdrop, there is an increasing focus on what it means to provide ‘good’ or ‘decent’ work which recognises the need to find a mutually beneficial partnership with employees or contractors. Many argue that the focus on ‘good work’ is a force for good for everyone. The programme for the network meeting provides an opportunity to examine the whole topic of what is ‘good work’, what does it mean in practice, and is it attainable?
More information about the event can be found here

Seminars are free to Fellows and Members. Others can attend for a modest fee. Everyone
wishing to come to an event should book with Stephen McNair at: stephen.mcnair2@btinternet.com

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Latest NICEC journal 

The latest NICEC journal April 2018 will shortly be available. 

The issue reflects on the complexity of 'career' and the need for an informed critique and a creative response to provide services relevant in the 21st century. 

A few examples of articles include
  • Seeking the good life - higher education careers services and moral philosophy by Donald Lush
  • Waiting for a career epiphany- a barrier to career decision making? - Kathleen Houston and Eileen Cunningham
  • A critical response to Hooley's Seven Cs of digital literacy by Tom Staunton
More information about this issue can be found here.

Open Call for Papers
Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling: November 2018 Issue
In order to enable a wide and varied spectrum of contributions, there is no specific theme identified for the next issue of the journal. Accordingly, papers are invited on any subject related to career development. As a rough guide, the following contexts and/or topics may be addressed. Any further suggestions to the editor would also be welcome.
Context(s) could include:
  • Workplace settings (e.g. career coaching, L&D, HR, outplacement)
  • Educational settings (e.g. schools, further education and skills, higher education)
  • Informal settings (e.g. community-based)
  • Career development work with young people in any context
  • Career development work with adults in any context
  • Any other relevant context
Topics(s) could include:
  • Creative practice
  • Innovation in relevant concepts or theories
  • Current labour market issues
  • The organisation, management or marketing of career support services
  • Emerging policy, corporate and/or governmental issues
  • Expanding and/or innovative services and areas of activity
  • Global, international or non-UK-based work
  • Social justice, critical pedagogical and/or emancipatory practices
  • The role of learning in the support of career development
  • New tools, technologies and models
  • Fresh critical perspectives
  • New case studies and other empirical work
  • The relationship with lifelong learning, employability, well-being or other areas
  • The training and education of people who provide career help
  • Any other relevant topic
Initial expressions of interest (100 word abstract) 30th April 2018
Final submissions 31st August 2018
Email the editor: Phil McCash p.t.mccash@warwick.ac.uk

Information about this issue can be found here

ICCDPP Symposium -  South Korea
In June 2017 the 18th symposium of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy took place in South Korea. The event was attended by over 20 countries each of which produced a paper prior to the event documenting their approaches and strategies to career development issues in their country. 

The UK was represented by delegates from England, Scotland and Wales. Copies of their papers and those produced by the other countries can be found 

The Communique detailing the outcomes from the conference can be found here

Tony Watts Reader Professor Tony Watts is a pre-eminent figure in the field of career guidance. He retired in late 2014 after a 50 year career in the field. This single volume is dedicated to anthologising his work in a way that is accessible to students, policy makers, researchers and practitioners and contains Watts’ most enduring and key writings about career guidance.
You can obtain this unique publication via the Lulu website


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