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Welcome to NICEC’s new website! Whilst the content is substantially the same as before, we hope that it is easier to navigate around the site and visitors find the design attractive. A significant change is that there is now just one private area for Fellows and Members which provides access to back copies of the NICEC Journal and materials from NICEC Seminars and Network Meetings.
NICEC conference 2019

Changing boundaries: career, identity and self: An international conference on research, practice and policy in career development 
Date: 16th and 17th April 2019
Venue: Chancellor’s Conference Centre, Manchester
Abstract Deadline: September 30th 2018

The Fellows of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC) are delighted to invite you to take part in a two day conference to share perspectives on current and changing relationships between theory, practice and policy in career development.
Confirmed keynote speakers include Mary McMahon, Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, University of Queensland, Australia,  Michael Arthur, Professor of Strategy and International Business, Suffolk University, USA, and John Amaechi, OBE, psychologist, consultant and basketball player.
We invite practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and students to present on topics related to the conference themes and objectives and welcome individuals offering 20 minute presentations and groups offering one hour symposiums.
We welcome abstracts of up to 300 words for individual presentations and up to 500 words for symposiums.    Abstracts should be submitted to julia.yates.1@city.ac.uk by 30th September 2018.

Next NICEC event
Tuesday 11th September                                              Network meeting 2.00 - 5.00 pm
Venue: Hamilton House, London
Impact of Brexit on careers.
This network event will review the state of preparation for exit; explore what we might expect in the short and medium term; and what it might mean for careers practitioners. Following the 2016 referendum, the UK government served formal notice that, under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the UK will leave the EU formally at the end of March 2019. The expectation is that the terms of withdrawal must be agreed in early autumn 2018, to allow for them to be ratified by the European institutions and the member states (including the UK Parliament) before the end of March. The UK has presented its proposals for the withdrawal terms, but the EU has indicated that these are not acceptable in their present form.  At the beginning of August 2018 there are still at least three possible outcomes: that an agreement is reached and ratified; that the UK leaves the EU without an agreement; that the March deadline is extended to allow for more negotiation.
The ability to move, live and work cross the EU is one of the rights of EU citizens. At the point of Brexit, this right will lapse unless agreement is reached between the UK and the EU, with clear implications for career opportunities for all citizens. Although a provisional agreement has been reached between the UK government and the EU over citizens’ rights after Brexit, this depends on agreement on the overall terms of withdrawal, which has not yet been reached. Without such agreement, all rights of mobility (in either direction) will lapse.
 This network meeting will explore the issues through four presentations:
The state of negotiations, including what has been agreed, and not agreed in relation to employment and mobility of workers, and likely scenarios – Anand Menon - The UK in a Changing Europe: http://ukandeu.ac.uk/about-us/
The EU and the Labour Market - tbc
How organisations are acting/exploring new labour market approaches - based on qualitative research - Peter Reilly - Institute of Employment Studies https://www.employment-studies.co.uk/
The implications of Brexit for careers practice. Including mobility, citizen’s rights (both ways) - Luke Postlethwaite - Euroguidance and Aspire-igen https://www.euroguidance.eu/
There will then be small group discussions of how careers practice and policy might best help clients to manage the new uncertainties of the post-Brexit world, followed by a plenary to try to draw out conclusions for action by individuals, organisations or NICEC itself.

Information on booking can be found here
Bill Law Student Memorial Award

NICEC is delighted to invite entries to the Bill Law student Memorial Award.  We welcome entries from recent or current students on formal courses or training programmes as well as those undertaking CPD. Entries should be submitted between 30th September 2019 and 30th January 2019.  Good luck!

Information about the application process can be found here
Data protection
In line with new GDPR requirements NICEC has reviewed its data protection policy. Information about the data we store can be found here
Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning 

The new issue (Volume 6, Issue 1) of the Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning (IJCLP), is now online. 
The papers in this issue are an interesting and wide ranging collection.  In summary:
  • Vipin Negi and Sachin Kumar discuss the implications of the now increasingly common nonstandard forms of employment
  • Shashidhar Jagadeeshan draws upon his vast experience as a teacher to present the nuances of introducing students to the complex world of work they will shortly enter. 
  • Peter Robertson draws our attention to the contributions of Roy Bhaskar and Amartya Sen and presents the possibility of using their ideas as frameworks for new approaches to career guidance. 
  • From a practitioner dimension, Maribon Viray presents the findings of a quasi-experimental study of a school based career guidance intervention which shows significant improvements in career preparation status and a reduction in the negativity of career beliefs after the intervention. 
  • Sandra Buela, Rayan Miranda and Sajma Aravind examine the Government of India’s skill development initiatives and make the point that the interface between skill development and career guidance initiatives, not only in India but in many other countries, remains weak. 
  • Jyothis Paul’s report of career guidance services in the South Indian state of Kerala provides a shining example of what can be done for the systematic delivery of career guidance services through the State
Please click on the following url or copy and paste it to your browser to access the issue:  http://www.iaclp.org/indian_journal_of_career_and_livelihood_planning/current_journal
As you know IJCLP is an entirely open access journal.  Do feel free to send this information on to others in your network.  We would like as many people as possible to benefit from the IJCLP. 
We welcome you to either submit a manuscript of your work to be considered for publication in the IJCLP or, encourage others to submit.  Further information is available here on our website:  http://www.iaclp.org/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/10_Instructions
Latest NICEC journal 

The latest NICEC journal April 2018 is now available

The issue reflects on the complexity of 'career' and the need for an informed critique and a creative response to provide services relevant in the 21st century. 

A few examples of articles include
  • Seeking the good life - higher education careers services and moral philosophy by Donald Lush
  • Waiting for a career epiphany- a barrier to career decision making? - Kathleen Houston and Eileen Cunningham
  • A critical response to Hooley's Seven Cs of digital literacy by Tom Staunton
More information about this issue can be found here.

ICCDPP Symposium -  South Korea
In June 2017 the 18th symposium of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy took place in South Korea. The event was attended by over 20 countries each of which produced a paper prior to the event documenting their approaches and strategies to career development issues in their country. 

The UK was represented by delegates from England, Scotland and Wales. Copies of their papers and those produced by the other countries can be found 

The Communique detailing the outcomes from the conference can be found here

Tony Watts Reader Professor Tony Watts is a pre-eminent figure in the field of career guidance. He retired in late 2014 after a 50 year career in the field. This single volume is dedicated to anthologising his work in a way that is accessible to students, policy makers, researchers and practitioners and contains Watts’ most enduring and key writings about career guidance.
You can obtain this unique publication via the Lulu website


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