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NICEC is a network of Fellows, in the UK and abroad, who are career education and counselling researchers and practitioners drawn from a wide range of settings. Fellows believe passionately in improving policy and practice through discovering and sharing evidence and developing career education and counselling theory.

We share our knowledge and learn from others through our Seminar series, the NICEC Journal and our publications. NICEC Members receive the Journal and attend Seminars at discounted rates. Why not join us and contribute to developing career guidance practice, theory and policy.

If you have any questions please contact Leigh Henderson on 07970 829225 or at, or as suggested elsewhere on the site.

Allister McGowan, NICEC Chair

    Latest news! 5th November 2015

  • Audrey's funeral will take place at 12pm on Thursday 12th November, at St Mary Magdalene Church, Nottingham Road, Keyworth NG12 5FD.
  • Further details are available from Leigh Henderson:
  • It is with deep sadness that we have to report the passing of NICEC Fellow Audrey Collin on 19th October. Audrey was a lady of great intellect, compassion and humanity and we hope to publish an appreciation of her work and achievements in due course.
  • Emeritus and Founding Fellow, Tony Watts said, ‘Audrey was a lovely woman, always kind, considerate and thoughtful. Quintessentially English, but with a broad international vision, she made an immense contribution to the careers field, particularly through the lucidity, range and perceptiveness of her writing. She will be warmly remembered, and much missed.’
  • Tony’s comments are endorsed by the many responses we have received from the Fellows and international Fellows who knew Audrey personally or through her writing.
  • NICEC Fellow Hazel Reid has been appointed as Professor of Education and Career Management at Christchurch Canterbury University. Congratulations Hazel!
  • iCEGS at the University of Derby has some opportunities for doctoral study. See for details.
  • In essence there is one fully funded opportunity and the possibility for a number of additional fees only opportunities.

  • International Fellow Professor Peter Plant (Denmark) has been appointed to a newly-formed Norwegian governmental committee on 'Holistic career guidance in a lifelong perspective'. The brief is to produce a number of recommendations to the Norwegian government with a view to create a coherent, cross-sectoral lifelong guidance system. A mid-term report with a particular focus on the integrative role of ICT in career guidance is due in OCT 2015.
  • NICEC International Fellow Mary McMahon  has just published a new book with Mark Watson, ‘Careers Assessment; Qualitative Approaches’. Details are here.