Professor Tristram Hooley

Tristram Hooley is the Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies. He has been involved in research, teaching and education in and around higher education for most of his career and has particular interests in careers, doctoral education, social capital and the role of technology in research, teaching and guidance.

Tristram is a member of the UK Careers Sector Strategic Forum and serves on the editorial board of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling. Recent publication have focused on the subjects of social media, narrative in careers work, entrepreneurship and the role of the market in careers work. He also writes the Adventures in Career Development blog ( where you can find musings on various aspects of careers work, research and technology.
You can find Tristram and a list of his publications on the iCeGS website ( You can also find him on Twitter under the name of @pigironjoe (!/pigironjoe) as well as scattered across various other social media sites. Perhaps most interestingly you can find a complete bibliography of everything that he had read or planned to read over the last two years on his CiteULike account (

He also answers emails at