Professor Stephen McNair


Stephen McNair has spent most of his career in adult, further and higher education. His first involvement in the guidance world was in the 1980s, when he created and ran the Unit for the Development of Adult Continuing Education whose first work was a Government commission to produce a plan for adult guidance (The Challenge of Change), which led to the creation of the National Educational Guidance Initiative (NEGI). He was then involved in a series of attempts to unify the guidance world, as one of the founders of the Guidance Council, and of the Career Development Institute. In the 2000s he became the (last) President of the National Association for Educational Guidance for Adults.
Apart from guidance, his main work has been on lifelong learning, a field he has worked in (in all its forms) since the 1960s, notably as a Local Government Officer, Director of Research at NIACE and an HE advisor to the Employment Department. For five years he was Head of the School of Educational Studies at the University of Surrey and in 2004-05 he was a Head of a School at the NHSU.

He has undertaken consultancy work for the OECD, the University for Industry, and CIPD. Committees he has served on include: the UK Advisory Forum on Age, the Cabinet Office’s Academic Advisory Committee on the National Skills Strategy, the National Advisory Group on Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, and the Surrey Learning and Skills Council.

In 2003 he created the Centre for Research into the Older Workforce and since then his main research interests have been in the older workforce and older people’s learning. He is currently Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Joint Programming Initiative on Demographic Change, which is coordinating the research agendas of national funding bodies. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at NIACE, and an Advisor to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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