Sareena Hopkins

As Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), Sareena works in Canada and internationally to strengthen the reach and impact of career development. With her team at CCDF, she moves from ideas to action in areas of public policy, research and development, capacity building and advocacy.

CCDF’s research has contributed to the global evidence base informing policy and practice and has resulted in the creation and adoption of innovative new tools, programs and approaches. It has crafted policy solutions for Ministries of Education and Labour and works to raise the profile and standard of excellence in our field.

Sareena serves on the Board of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) and is an active member of the Forum of Labour Market Ministers’ Labour Market Information Council National Advisory Panel. She is an Honorary Member of the Board of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education and the founding Chair of the Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD). Sareena was awarded the International Gold Medal for Leadership in Career Development in 2014.

Sareena can be reached at