Robin Mellors-Bourne

Robin is Director of Research & Intelligence at the Careers Research & Advisory Centre (CRAC). As the job title suggests he leads CRAC’s research and consultancy activities, and also contributes to the evidence base underpinning the Vitae programme which supports the development of researchers in higher education in the UK and worldwide.

His research interests focus around: transitions into and out of higher education (at all levels); career-related decision-making and information use; graduate employment outcomes and employability development; STEM and research careers; and how these themes intersect with the internationalisation of higher education. Lately his specialist subject appears to have become how people progress to postgraduate study and he wrote the original content for HEFCE’s ‘Steps to postgraduate study’ website.

Since re-starting CRAC’s activity in career-related research in 2009, he has led over 25 research studies for a variety of external clients. These have included both quantitative survey-based and in-depth qualitative research studies with individuals, employers and educational institutions, as well as analysis and synthesis work.