Rie Thomsen

Dr. Rie Thomsen is coordinator of the Guidance Research Unit at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her research revolves around career guidance practices and policies with a special interest on the role of communities and in organizational, leadership and management aspects of career guidance provision. Furthermore she has a strong interest in creating an inspiring environment for interdisciplinary research in Lifelong Learning and Lifelong Guidance with a view to social justice and the consequences of neo-liberal governing processes. Rie Thomsen is an experienced partner of several international research projects. NICE, VALA and ECADOC. In 2012 she published the book Career Guidance in Communities. And in 2013 she was awarded with the Danish National guidance award for her research. Her goals for the future are to lead researchers nationally and internationally in developing prosperous research in the field of career guidance.

Full list og publications and current projects can be viewed here: http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/persons/rie-thomsen(6565627f-17c2-4b50-9e51-1d7f0352d939).html