Changing boundaries: career, identity, and self. An international conference on research, practice and policy in career development’
16th-17th April 2019
Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre

Chancellors Way

Moseley Road


M14 6NN

Changing Boundaries: Career Identity and Self.

NICEC invites you to explore the ways in which boundaries are changing and what the implications might be for theory, practice and policy-making in career development in a world where once taken-for-granted assumptions are being challenged.
How do we reinvent careers for the 21st Century? The volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world - and more specifically the anticipation of the changing post-Brexit landscape in April 2019 - brings into sharp focus the way that previously unplanned events can alter our view of ourselves, our identity, and our career development. As the UK and Europe enter a period of transition we are reminded how many types of transition are navigated through career development: education and work;  the spatial and geographical; youth and aging; conceptions of gender; socio-cultural shifts; etc.
Confirmed keynote speakers include Professor Michael Arthur, Suffolk University Boston, USA, Dr Mary McMahon, University of Queensland, Australia, Rie Thomsen, Professor MSO in Career Guidance, Aarhus University, Denmark and John Amaechi, OBE, United Kingdom. 
Workshops and seminars will focus on innovation in research, policy and practice in careers work in Education, in the Workplace, and in the Community.  The conference is organised around three broad themes reflecting NICEC’s focus on the relationship between policy, research and practice:

  • Changing context for work and career
  • Shifting themes and concepts
  • Innovating practice

Bookings are now open for the conference.  Please use the link below. There are discounts for members/fellows and for contributors. 
There are lots of price options so do read carefully before selecting your ‘ticket’.   If someone makes bookings for you and your colleagues, do please ask them to make a separate  booking for each of you;  that way we know who is attending.
If you need accommodation the night before on April 15th please book direct with the Chancellors Centre mentioning the special discounted rate arranged for the NICEC conference  of £99 for 3 course dinner, bed and breakfast.

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