Lynne Bezanson

Lynne Bezanson has been Executive Director of The Canadian Career Development Foundation since 1994. She was instrumental in the development of the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners, initiated with international partners the International Symposia on Connecting Career Development with Public Policy, now a bi-annual event attended by over 30 countries as well as the first pan-Canadian Symposium on Career Development, Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development (2004). She is a Board Member and a founding member of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy and currently coordinates the work of the Canadian Research Working Group for Evidence Based Practice in Career Development. She is a fellow of the National Institute for Careers Education and Counselling (UK) and is the recipient of the Stu Conger Gold Medal and Diamond Pin for Leadership in Career Development.

She has been a keynote speaker across Canada and internationally. She has made significant contributions through her development of state-of-the-art counselling methods and curricula, her design and delivery of career practitioner training programs, her commitment to quality in policy and service, her determination to raise the profile of career development on political and policy agendas, her advocacy of accessible and affordable career services across the lifespan and her vision for the profession.

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