Lyn Barham

Lyn Barham's career has engaged with the development and delivery of career guidance from school-age students through to the older workforce, with a pervasive concern to explore how theory can both inform practice and be further developed through practice. She has moved over the years from practitioner to trainer to researcher.

Most recently, Lyn has led a Europe-wide project on training and competence of career guidance staff, leading to the Cedefop publication Professionalising Career Guidance ( She has also developed a growing (and personal!) interest in how people’s perception of career changes in the later part of working life, and has published book chapters (some with Ruth Hawthorn) to contribute to the developing European focus on the ageing workforce.

Lyn is currently spending part of her time on a doctoral programme at the University of West of England, where she is exploring the ways in which careers advisers themselves conceptualise the notion of career. Lyn is an active participant in the work of ICG’s Research Committee, and has run workshops on research at ICG events. She is currently co-editing the 2011 edition of Constructing the Future for ICG.