Alongside the NICEC Journal, NICEC Seminars and Network meetings are the key means of sharing ideas and evidence around our network of Fellows, members and other interested people.


NICEC holds 6 Fellows meetings per year. These are followed by either early evening seminars (4 a year) or full afternoon Network meetings (2 a year).

NICEC seminars and network meetings are included in the membership fees paid by Fellows and Members.
Others are most welcome to attend for a modest charge - £20 for seminars and £40 for Network Meetings.

Please contact: Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne

Next NICEC event

NICEC Network Meeting Online: Wednesday 13th May, 15:00- 17:00 pm
Decent Work and Career Development

NICEC's next network meeting will be held online on 13 May. 'Decent work' sums up the aspirations of a lot of people in their working lives. Potentially it means work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the workplace and conditions that benefit people and their families, as well as prospects for personal development and a range of other freedoms. Many see it as key to achieving poverty reduction, social justice and fair globalisation.

Our meeting addresses some of the particular challenges that careers practitioners face in supporting clients in relation to aspirations for decent work in the current and uncertain labour market. 

Speakers confirmed so far:

Fiona Christie, Senior Research Associate, Decent Work and Productivity Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University:

  • 'What is Decent Work and why should it matter for Career Guidance?’

Christina Purcell, Lecturer, Decent Work and Productivity Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University:

  • "Young Delivery Workers in Greater Manchester – a research study”

Eileen Cunningham, Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Salford:

  • ‘Working for Nothing? Student and graduate experience of unpaid work’

Pete Robertson, Associate Professor, School of Applied Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University:

  • ‘Trade unions and career services: Potential partners for promoting social justice at work’

Please book your place here, so that we know to whom we need to send the link to participate.

Future planning -  Proposed events for 2020

Thursday 2nd July  - A Bill Law Retrospective
Thursday 24th September - Network Meeting, T Levels and Vocational Pathways 
Monday 16th November, Careers Work in Organisations

Potential topics include:

Careers Provision in Further Education
Inter-generational personal career theory
Career adaptability and practitioners
Career development work within organisations
Career coaching (outplacement)
International Perspectives

All events will normally be hosted at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Euston, London unless otherwise stated. We are endeavouring to move events to other parts of the UK. Our co-hosted Cutting Edge events with the CDI are hosted around the country.

Previous events
In recent months we have held Seminars & Network meetings on:
  • Intergenerational personal career theory
  • Creating and using digital tools to support career guidance work in Higher Education and graduate contexts.
  • Career guidance and social justice: What does it look like in practice
  • The career professional pipeline
  • Returning to work
  • Occupational skills shortages and local labour markets
  • Career guidance with refugees: Practical lessons from research
  • A longitudinal study of young women's transitions in Tower Hamlets in an age of austerity
  • Impact of Brexit on careers
  • Career guidance and career decision making in Norwegian Schools
  • Can the 21st Century workplace be a sustainable and positive experience for all? How can we create ‘Good Work’?
  • Chaos, Madness and the Specials: taking one step beyond the Rat Race
  • What do we think practitioners need to know about career guidance needs of asylum seekers, refugees and migrant populations
  • Labour market inequality - implications for career development work
  • The Success Code: Self projection for the modest
  • Vocation, Calling or Career
  • The contribution of career events to career learning 
  • Appropriate attire for careers
  • Career education
  • Youth unemployment
  • The UK labour market
  • The Future Track project
  • Redesigning work-related learning
  • The National Careers Service and the market in career guidance
  • Professional development for careers advisers and careers coordinators;
  • Career-related learning pilots in Key Stage 2;
  • Foundation Degree Forward;
  • The UKCES work on ICT in career guidance

All sessions were led or facilitated by NICEC Fellows or other acknowledged experts in career guidance.

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