Alongside the NICEC Journal, NICEC Seminars and Network meetings are the key means of sharing ideas and evidence around our network of Fellows, members and other interested people.

NICEC holds 6 Fellows meetings per year. These are followed by either early evening seminars (4 a year) or full afternoon Network meetings (2 a year).

NICEC seminars and network meetings are included in the membership fees paid by Fellows and Members.
Others are most welcome to attend for a modest charge - £20 for seminars and £40 for Network Meetings.

Please contact: Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne

Upcoming NICEC events

NICEC Seminar: 

Monday 16th November 2020 17.00-18.30pm (BST) [Online]

Career Development Work in Organisations

In this seminar, practical examples and inputs from employers will illustrate the reality of career development work in organisations. Seminar participants will share their own experiences of career development at work, whether as researchers, practitioners, educators, employees, managers or all of these!


• Wendy Hirsh, Researcher and Consultant – ‘Drivers, trends and challenges of career development in employing organisations’

• Rosemary McLean, Director, The Career Innovation Company – ‘Implementing a strategic approach to career development’ with Jo Edwards, Talent & Career Development Manager, Burberry

• Rob Nathan, Managing Director, Career Counselling Services - ‘Developing and sustaining the capability for effective career development in organisations’

The sessions and discussion will address a range of questions including:

What does the term “career development” mean in the workplace, as opposed to in educational settings or for the unemployed?

Why might organisations wish to invest in the career development of their employees? Who do they invest in? What might hold employers back from supporting career development at work?

What can career development processes or activities look like in the workplace and how might they be changing over time? How do they link with other employment policies and practices, both formal and informal?

How can career-related activities be used strategically in the context of a specific organisation to address both organisational and individual needs?

Who is responsible for career development and who supports individual employees in developing their careers? What do employees and other players need to be able to fulfil their roles in career development? How do we develop a more sustainable capability for career development work in organisations?

Information about how to book your place can be found here

Future planning -  Proposed events for 2021

Network Meeting: Monday, May 17th  2021, 14.00- 17.00 pm 
New Perspectives on Career Development

Phil McCash, Pete Robertson & Tristram Hooley lead a network meeting to explore the ideas presented in the new Oxford Handbook of Career Development. 

Potential topics  for 2021 include:

·       AI and careers – How artificial intelligence is shaping jobs, sectors and career education and guidance.

·       Career and career guidance in the Nordic countries – How our neighbours to the North organise careers services.  

·       Careers in a Covid world – Examining how Covid is changing the careers and the labour market and examining remote approaches to service delivery.  

·       Green careers and sustainability – How career education and guidance can respond to environmental challenges.

·       Providing career support for service children – The challenge in supporting the children of service people.

·       Race and careers – Exploring how the concept of career is taught and used in practice and considering how it might be re-framed in a more diverse and inclusive way.

·       The careers profession in higher education - The professional identity of higher education careers advisers and careers dilemmas presented by students.

·       Universal Basic Income – Can UBI transform our economy?

All events will normally be hosted at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Euston, London unless otherwise stated, obviously due to COVID 19 we will continue to host our events online. Our co-hosted Cutting Edge events with the CDI are hosted around the country.

Previous events
In recent months we have held Seminars & Network meetings on:
  • T Levels will they solve the Vocational Problem? 
  • A Bill Law Retrospective
  • Decent Work and Career Development
  • Intergenerational personal career theory
  • Creating and using digital tools to support career guidance work in Higher Education and graduate contexts.
  • Career guidance and social justice: What does it look like in practice
  • The career professional pipeline
  • Returning to work
  • Occupational skills shortages and local labour markets
  • Career guidance with refugees: Practical lessons from research
  • A longitudinal study of young women's transitions in Tower Hamlets in an age of austerity
  • Impact of Brexit on careers
  • Career guidance and career decision making in Norwegian Schools
  • Can the 21st Century workplace be a sustainable and positive experience for all? How can we create ‘Good Work’?
  • Chaos, Madness and the Specials: taking one step beyond the Rat Race
  • What do we think practitioners need to know about career guidance needs of asylum seekers, refugees and migrant populations
  • Labour market inequality - implications for career development work
  • The Success Code: Self projection for the modest
  • Vocation, Calling or Career
  • The contribution of career events to career learning 
  • Appropriate attire for careers
  • Career education
  • Youth unemployment
  • The UK labour market
  • The Future Track project
  • Redesigning work-related learning
  • The National Careers Service and the market in career guidance
  • Professional development for careers advisers and careers coordinators;
  • Career-related learning pilots in Key Stage 2;
  • Foundation Degree Forward;
  • The UKCES work on ICT in career guidance

All sessions were led or facilitated by NICEC Fellows or other acknowledged experts in career guidance.

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