Alongside the NICEC Journal, NICEC Seminars and Network meetings are the key means of sharing ideas and evidence around our network of Fellows, members and other interested people.


NICEC holds 6 Fellows meetings per year. These are followed by either early evening seminars (4 a year) or full afternoon Network meetings (2 a year).

NICEC seminars and network meetings are included in the membership fees paid by Fellows and Members.
Others are most welcome to attend for a modest charge - £20 for seminars and £40 for Network Meetings.

Please contact: Professor Stephen McNair NICEC Fellow
Phone: 01603 737830
Mobile: 07594 590 572

Please note: Stephen works work part time, and normally monitors emails frequently between Monday and Wednesday. At other times, replies may take longer.

Dates for 2018

Next NICEC event

Thursday 22nd November        Seminar 5.00-6.30pm,                        Hamilton House, London
Girls’ career decision-making
Charlotte Chadderton -  NICEC Fellow and Professor of Education, Bath Spa University

The responsibility for career guidance and transitions support for young people in England shifted to schools in 2012, and research shows that guidance and support varies enormously from school to school. In this paper I report on a project which is tracking a group of female pupils from a single school over five years (2014-19) to explore how they make educational decisions and what influences their aspirations in this context. The school, located in a disadvantaged area of Tower Hamlets in London, has put in place a programme of enhanced careers education and guidance. The study focuses on the perspectives of the young women, and investigates their different experiences of this school-based careers programme and what influences their shifting aspirations and decisions in this age of austerity. I discuss some of the emerging findings of this still ongoing project, focussing on areas such as the influence of family and friends, gender, social disadvantage, race, religion, social values, ideas of what makes a ‘good life’, and work experience and volunteering.

Our seminars are participatory and designed to enable informed discussion on important topics in our work. Charlotte will present her findings and give participants an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the emerging findings.

The project is funded by Aldgate and All Hallows Foundation, Tower Hamlets

Future planning - Dates for 2019

Wednesday 23rd January- Seminar 5-6.30 pm
Wednesday 20th March - 
Seminar 5-6.30
Monday 13th May - Network Meeting 2- 5 pm
Thursday 20th June - 
Seminar 5-6.30 pm
Friday 20th September - Network Meeting 2- 5
Monday 18th November - Seminar 5-6.30 pm

All events will be hosted at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Euston, London

Previous events
In recent months we have held Seminars & Network meetings on:
  • Impact of Brexit on careers
  • Career guidance and career decision making in Norwegian Schools
  • Can the 21st Century workplace be a sustainable and positive experience for all? How can we create ‘Good Work’?
  • Chaos, Madness and the Specials: taking one step beyond the Rat Race
  • What do we think practitioners need to know about career guidance needs of asylum seekers, refugees and migrant populations
  • Labour market inequality - implications for career development work
  • The Success Code: Self projection for the modest
  • Vocation, Calling or Career
  • The contribution of career events to career learning 
  • Appropriate attire for careers
  • Career education
  • Youth unemployment
  • The UK labour market
  • The Future Track project
  • Redesigning work-related learning
  • The National Careers Service and the market in career guidance
  • Professional development for careers advisers and careers coordinators;
  • Career-related learning pilots in Key Stage 2;
  • Foundation Degree Forward;
  • The UKCES work on ICT in career guidance

All sessions were led or facilitated by NICEC Fellows or other acknowledged experts in career guidance.

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