Alongside the NICEC Journal, NICEC Seminars and Network meetings are the key means of sharing ideas and evidence around our network of Fellows, members and other interested people.


NICEC holds 6 Fellows meetings per year. These are followed by either early evening seminars (4 a year) or full afternoon Network meetings (2 a year).

NICEC seminars and network meetings are included in the membership fees paid by Fellows and Members.
Others are most welcome to attend for a modest charge - £20 for seminars and £40 for Network Meetings.

Please contact: Professor Stephen McNair NICEC Fellow
Phone: 01603 737830
Mobile: 07594 590 572

Please note: Stephen works work part time, and normally monitors emails frequently between Monday and Wednesday. At other times, replies may take longer.

Dates for 2017

Tuesday 19th September 2017, 2.00 - 5.00pm, Peter Robertson (NICEC Fellow and Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier). Joint session with Employment Research Institute, Napier University

Venue: The Rivers Suite (Seigfried and Wilford Rooms), Edinburgh Napier University.
Time: 14.00- 17.00
Programme outline: 

  • Professor Robert Raeside - Gender inequality in the labour market
  • Dr Helen Graham -  Socio-economic and spatial patterns of unemployment
  • Dr Gavin Maclean - Mental health and unemployment
  • Dr Valerie Egdell - The ageing population and employers in Scotland
This will be followed by a plenary/panel session - 
Labour market inequality – implications for career development work

Information about the event can be found here

Thursday 23rd November 2017, 5.00 - 6.30pm, Hamilton House, London
Seminar: Career guidance for refuges
Hazel Reid (NICEC Fellow and Director of Research, Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University)

Previous events
In recent months we have held Seminars & Network meetings on:

The Success Code: Self projection for the modest
Vocation, Calling or Career
The contribution of career events to career learning 
Appropriate attire for careers
Career education
Youth unemployment
The UK labour market
The Future Track project
Redesigning work-related learning
The National Careers Service and the market in career guidance
Professional development for careers advisers and careers coordinators;
Career-related learning pilots in Key Stage 2;
Foundation Degree Forward;
The UKCES work on ICT in career guidance

All sessions were led or facilitated by NICEC Fellows or other acknowledged experts in career guidance.

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