Alongside the NICEC Journal, NICEC Seminars and Network meetings are the key means of sharing ideas and evidence around our network of Fellows, members and other interested people.


NICEC holds 6 Fellows meetings per year. These are followed by either early evening seminars (4 a year) or full afternoon Network meetings (2 a year).

NICEC seminars and network meetings are included in the membership fees paid by Fellows and Members.
Others are most welcome to attend for a modest charge - £20 for seminars and £40 for Network Meetings.

Please contact: Professor Stephen McNair NICEC Fellow
Phone: 01603 737830
Mobile: 07594 590 572

Please note: Stephen works work part time, and normally monitors emails frequently between Monday and Wednesday. At other times, replies may take longer.

Dates for 2017


Thursday 11th May 2017, 5.00 - 6.30pm, Hamilton House, Euston Road, London

Seminar: The Success Code: Self projection for the modest, NICEC Fellow
John Lees
Monday 19th June 2017, 5.00 - 6.30pm, Hamilton House, London
Seminar: Using metaphors to aid understanding of career
Peter Harding

Tuesday 19th September 2017, 2.00 - 5.00pm, Peter Robertson (NICEC Fellow and Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier). Joint session with Employment Research Institute, Napier University
[Topic to be confirmed]

Thursday 23rd November 2017, 5.00 - 6.30pm, Hamilton House, London
Seminar: Career guidance for refuges
Hazel Reid (NICEC Fellow and Director of Research, Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University)

Previous events
In recent months we have held Seminars & Network meetings on:

Vocation, Calling or Career
The contribution of career events to career learning 
Appropriate attire for careers
Career education
Youth unemployment
The UK labour market
The Future Track project
Redesigning work-related learning
The National Careers Service and the market in career guidance
Professional development for careers advisers and careers coordinators;
Career-related learning pilots in Key Stage 2;
Foundation Degree Forward;
The UKCES work on ICT in career guidance

All sessions were led or facilitated by NICEC Fellows or other acknowledged experts in career guidance.

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