Col McCowan

Col McCowan OAM is a registered psychologist, teacher and counsellor who recently retired from being the Manager of the Careers & Employment Service at the Queensland University of Technology. In 16 years as the Manager, the Service won a number of national best practice awards and he won a number of individual University, national and international awards, culminating in the Order of Australia in 2007 for services to the career industry in Australia.

Previous to his University work, he worked in Government in a wide range of roles, including guidance counsellor, training officer, resource developer, senior officer responsible for student welfare, manager of 500 specialist guidance staff and as a policy adviser at State and national level. He has been responsible for numerous government reports and has been the convenor/co-convenor of over 25 national and international career conferences and symposia.

He has also worked as an organisational consultant, as an academic at both undergraduate and post graduate level, and as a consultant for UNESCO, UNDP and ADB in Bhutan and Oman and is currently managing an AusAID capacity building project in Bhutan.

His interests and current work are in benchmarking services and career choice making. He has co-authored three books, and is currently on the Editorial Board of the Australian Journal of Career Development.